The Faculty of Education is eventually planning to offer many different degree, diploma and certificate programmes to meet the educational and training needs of both new and experienced educators.

    This programme is therefore intended to capture those degreed graduates from the continent who would like to teach at secondary school level in their respective countries in order to give them the required training and for those of them that are already teaching as temporary staff would have the opportunity to become full-time staff.

    These programmes aim at assisting prospective teachers to:
    • develop relevant knowledge and skills for teaching their specialized subjects at secondary school level.
    • become innovative in the way they teach
    • appreciate the vital role of psychological and social foundations of education in instructional decision making
    • teach in a variety of interesting and effective ways.
    • develop the skills, concepts and knowledge which will enable them to contribute to the development of the school curriculum in the changing educational environment in their respective countries.
    • develop an insight into how schools are organised and run.