The Faculty of Education at Africa University has as its primary goal the development of value-centred educational leadership through the preparation of competent, moral and effective teachers, teacher educators, curriculum developers, administrators and researchers who will ensure excellence at all educational levels. The Faculty assumes the responsibility to teach all students so that they will attain high standards of academic performance show concern for improving the human condition, reason, and have a desire for service. The Faculty of Education shall seek to transmit equitably the social, economic, and cultural experiences of African nations in general and in particular, of those nations from which its students come. This shall be done with full cognisance of the changing needs of Africa and the changing global environment.
    In working towards achieving its mission, the Faculty of Education seeks to equip young women and men who will be able to:
    • analyse human development and learning theories and apply these to classroom situations;
    • explain and use knowledge in the foundations of education in various educational contexts;
    • develop and implement educational objectives and programmes;
    • diagnose student needs and evaluate student learning;
    • contribute effectively in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning;
    • communicate effectively;
    • establish positive relationships with students to enhance learning;
    • demonstrate ability in classroom management;
    • establish collegial relationships;
    • demonstrate competence and continuing growth in the content area(s) and/or professional area(s);
    • show the importance of basic human rights and its application in all aspects of life whether it be political, religious, economic, or social;
    • instil in students the ability to see beyond ethnic, tribal, and national boundaries for the human society;
    • reflect the principles of Africa University.