Post graduate Diploma in Education

This programme is therefore intended to capture those degreed graduates from the continent who would like to teach at secondary school level in their respective countries in order to give them the required training and for those of them that are already teaching as temporary staff would have the opportunity to become full-time staff.
By the end of the programme, students should be able to:
Interpret syllabuses correctly
Construct meaningful schemes of work
Prepare and write lesson plans with suitable objectives
Present lessons effectively using the appropriate approaches
Develop desirable teacher-pupil relationships
Appraise lessons constructively
Assess pupils performance by setting and marking tests and examinations accurately
Use teaching/learning aids effectively in the course of their teaching
Carry out simple research into aspects of education in their respective countries
Guide and counsel students wherever and whenever necessary.
Contribute to the smooth running of the school

4.1 EFN 420 Sociology of Education 3 credit hours
4.2 EFN 421 Psychology of Education 3 credit hours
4.3 EFN 422 History of Education 2 credit hours
4.4 EFN 423 Philosophy of Education 3 credit hours
4.5 EFN 400 School Organisation 3 credit hours
4.6 EFN 425 Guidance and Counselling 2 credit hours
Instructional and Other Pedagogical Courses
4.7 ECI 430 General Methods of Instruction 3 credit hours
4.8 ECI 431 Content Methods Subject 1 2 credit hours
4.9 ECI 432 Content Methods Subject 2 2 credit hours
4.10 ECI 433 Instructional Technology 2 credit hours
4.11 ECI 434 Curriculum Development 3 credit hours
4.12 ECI 435 Research Methods 3 credit hours
4.13 ECI 436 Measurement and Evaluation 3 credit hours
4.14 ECI 437 Project in Education 3 credit hours
Field Experience
4.15 ECI 437 Teaching Practice 15 credit hours

Applicants to the programme must possess a minimum of a pass in a first degree in at least one teaching subject from Africa University or any other university recognized by Africa University. Also, he/she must have a proof of the knowledge in Information Computer Technology preferably, Information Computer Driving License (ICDL) or equivalent or make an alternative arrangement to take HIT 100 – Information Computer Technology as a course at his or her own expense when he/she enrolls as a student at Africa University

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