Bachelor of Arts with Education

The four-year Bachelor of Arts (Education) programme, offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Theology, is a programme intended for applicants who seek training for the teaching profession at the secondary school level. Currently, the content majors offered on the programme are English, French, Geography, History, Music, Portuguese and Religious Studies. The programme involves seven semesters of coursework plus an additional semester of teaching practice.

Communication Skills 3 credit hours African Studies 3
Ethics and Christian Values 2
French for Beginners/Portuguese for Beginners/
English as a Second Language 6
Information Technology 2 16
Foundations of Education
EFN 100 Sociology of Education 3
EFN 101 Educational Psychology 3
EFN 200 History of African Education 2
EFN 201 Guidance and Counselling 2
EFN 300 Philosophy of Education 3
EFN 400 School Organization 3 16
Instructional and other Pedagogical Courses
ECI 200 General Methods of Instruction 3
ECI 202 Instructional Technology 2
ECI 300 Content Methods (Subject I) 2
ECI 301 Content Methods (Subject II) 2
ECI 304 Research Methods 3
ECI 405 Measurement and Evaluation 3
ECI 412 Project in Education 3 18
Elective Course in Education 3 3
ECI 302 Teaching Practice 15

Candidates must present passes in 5 ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language (except for students from non-English speaking countries—see below) and at least 2 subjects at the Advanced Level or approved equivalent, particularly in those subject areas the student selects as content majors.

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